New Album – On the Air

Garrett is thrilled to announce the release of his fifth solo album “On the Air” featuring his freshest home studio recordings inspired by modern living and influenced by musical heroes like Dave Matthews, The Allman Brothers, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Phish, Umphreys McGee, Martin Sexton, Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Pink Floyd…

The music is free, but we’re suggesting a one-time donation of $10 and committing 50% of proceeds to charity.¬† Contribute if you can by using the “name your price” feature when downloading from Bandcamp.

*We will release a few songs at a time during the Spring of 2020, so keep a look out for new tunes… Hope you dig!


(Cover Photo courtesy of FC – thanks!)

“Dreams and Lives” released 1/11/19

Garrett Anderson teams up with JC3 Music for new album “Dreams and Lives”

Available for purchase on iTunes by clicking here!

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(Cover art by KB)

PHOENIX, 1/11/19 – The ten new songs on “Dreams and Lives” by Garrett Anderson with JC3 Music exemplify the magic of collaboration between an experienced songwriter and a world-class producer.¬† The tunes weave heart-and-soul lyrics seamlessly with energetic pop, rock, and blues for a sound that is familiar yet fresh.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

About the collaboration, Anderson says “I’ve learned so much about fine-tuning my singing, songwriting, and guitar playing by working with JC3.¬† I’m a recovering DIY-er so I had to rediscover the challenge and opportunity that comes with collaboration, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the songs.¬† I think the overall message is that nobody’s perfect, but it’s always worth it to struggle to be the best person you can be – and a reminder to myself to not let my dreams make me forget about my actual life, or, on the flip-side, to let my life make me abandon my dreams – that I need both to maintain balance and live in a meaningful way, with incremental progress over time.” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Anderson and JC3 are already underway on a sophomore effort.¬† Catch Anderson performing songs from “Dreams and Lives” and the rest of his catalogue at performances in the Phoenix area including a monthly residency at Amped Coffee.¬† Anderson also provides fans with behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, and performances on his Live Atchya podcast.


Helping sustain Believe in Music

The Garrett Anderson Band would like¬†to help sustain the Baltimore non-profit Believe in Music by donating 100% of sales of “The Patapsco Session” to Believe in Music. ¬†We are inspired by the mission and work of Believe in Music and grateful for their positive impact, through music education, on Baltimore’s youth. ¬†Visit Bandcamp¬†to purchase and help sustain Believe in Music. ¬†Click here to learn more about Believe in Music.

“The Patapsco Session” was recorded live in early 2014 in Paul’s basement (Patapsco Studios) while rehearsing for our¬†last performance in Baltimore before Garrett moved to the Southwest. ¬†The recordings capture this incarnation of the Garrett Anderson Band – Paul (bass), Stan (drums), Mark (keys), and Garrett¬†(guitar) – in some genuine moments of group improvisation and musicianship¬†over 6 original songs. ¬†We are thrilled to finally share¬†these recordings. ¬†Please enjoy and thank you for helping to sustain Believe in Music.


2/16/14 GAB at The 8×10 audio posted

Hey ya’ll – here’s the link to steam / download the GAB’s farewell to Baltimore show on Feb 16th, 2014.


It was a nice groovy set for some of our closest family and friends. Highlights include the shout-out Bargain Jargons opener, an upbeat New Umbrella featuring some harmonica, the always fun Bodies, a soulful Dirty Cooking, and a concise Feed the Meter to wrap up the set.

Special thanks to Mark Quinn, Paul Beckwith, and Stan Harris for the fun jams. I was really glad we got to sneak this show in before my big move to Arizona.

Hope you enjoy! Keep on rocking’, hon!

Sun 2/16 GAB One More Night at The 8×10

Baltimore! I will always call you home, but I am excited to embark on an adventure out west to Phoenix Arizona. Our favorite hometown club The 8×10 has been gracious enough to slide us in as an opener for Zach Deputy for One More Night of the Garrett Anderson Band featuring Mark on keys, Paul on bass, and Stan on drums on Sunday February 16th (incidentally, my first day in my thirties). Please see the TICKETS page to purchase will-call tickets directly from me (no fees, no fuss). Thank you for all your support over the years.


New Footage “…To Come Back Home”

GAM presents “…To Come Back Home”, a video diary of my road trip of gigs on June 28-29, 2013. A stormy start to the trip left me stirred, contemplative, inspired, exhausted… but mostly, grateful.

Featuring a soundtrack of original songs, live performance, behind-the-scenes footage, and video blogging, “…To Come Back Home” is a glimpse into this gritty yet rewarding weekend. Take a peek and see for yourself.