“Dreams and Lives” released 1/11/19

Garrett Anderson teams up with JC3 Music for new album “Dreams and Lives”

Available for purchase on iTunes by clicking here!

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(Cover art by KB)

PHOENIX, 1/11/19 – The ten new songs on “Dreams and Lives” by Garrett Anderson with JC3 Music exemplify the magic of collaboration between an experienced songwriter and a world-class producer.  The tunes weave heart-and-soul lyrics seamlessly with energetic pop, rock, and blues for a sound that is familiar yet fresh.         

About the collaboration, Anderson says “I’ve learned so much about fine-tuning my singing, songwriting, and guitar playing by working with JC3.  I’m a recovering DIY-er so I had to rediscover the challenge and opportunity that comes with collaboration, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the songs.  I think the overall message is that nobody’s perfect, but it’s always worth it to struggle to be the best person you can be – and a reminder to myself to not let my dreams make me forget about my actual life, or, on the flip-side, to let my life make me abandon my dreams – that I need both to maintain balance and live in a meaningful way, with incremental progress over time.”          

Anderson and JC3 are already underway on a sophomore effort.  Catch Anderson performing songs from “Dreams and Lives” and the rest of his catalogue at performances in the Phoenix area including a monthly residency at Amped Coffee.  Anderson also provides fans with behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, and performances on his Live Atchya podcast.