A year ago this week – 9/22/11 at The 8×10

A year ago this week!


This is one of my favorite show recordings.  The band (Ryan Baldwin on drums, Sander Marques on bass, and Mark Quinn on keys) and I were tight as ever on a great batch of new-ish tunes.  Kickin’ off with “Seeds” and jammin’ with members of the Soul Island Rebels infused the set with energy early on.  We played two songs from my soon-to-be-released solo album Within and Around (“Texas Honeysuckle” and “The Wait”), brought out some cheeky fun with “Bargain Jargons”, “Slug”, and “The Lengths”, and confidently performed one of our more technically challenging songs “Muck Bug”.  This show featured the debut (and so far only band performance) of the song “Caveat”, which I’ve been told is reminiscent of Elvis Costello (which I was surprised by, but took as a compliment – do you hear it?)

Sander milked a bass intro into crowd-favorite “Jeepers” (a song from my old band LUCA) which features a great building jam section fueled by Mark’s electric piano solo and Ryan’s textured drumming. “Jeepers” spring-boarded us into one of the coolest renditions of “New Umbrella” we’ve played, complete with some harmonica licks.

It sounds pretty great for a live-recording mixed on the fly (thanks to The 8×10!) and captured our band having a great time.  I hope you enjoy it as much, hell – half as much, even – as I do…

Cheers and Peace.