From the Archive – Drop These Blues

The Live Music Archive is a great place to stream live music.  I’ve got a few shows up there (and hope to add more in the future).  Every now and again I’ll suggest a tune for you to check out in these “From the Archive” posts.

Today’s is a solo version of “Drop These Blues” from summer ’09.  I was trying out some finishing touches on the song to hone in on how I would sing and play it on the “Great Unknown” CD, but also didn’t hold back from feeling out some improvised vocals toward the end.  On the CD, Kenton rips a beautiful piano solo in that section, but when I play it solo, sometimes I’ll do a little extra singing there.  This was one of those nights I was feeling it.

It’s at  http://www.archive.org/details/gwa2009-07-25 – Just click on track 7- “07.Drop These Blues_vbr” – in the player on the right-hand side of the screen… hope you enjoy!

PS – At the end of the track you can hear someone say “You like that?  Isn’t that good?”  – I suspect they are talking about the hot seafood appetizer, but perhaps they were talking about the song!  If you recognize that voice as your own, please clarify for me – it’s been nagging me for 1 year, 3 months, 13 days, and a few hours.  Thanks!

2 Replies to “From the Archive – Drop These Blues”

  1. Man that track always make the hair stand on end. In a good way.

    I’m almost positive that voice at the end of the track is Gayle. Hope that helps.

    1. Thanks Jonny! Your affinity for that tune really helped boost my confidence in performing it. Nothing better as a performer than knowing a song is really hitting someone. I should have known that was Gayle – in that case, her comment was definitely referring to appetizers (smile)…

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